Houston Transportation Shake-Up As Uber and Lyft Return

Three years ago Uber and Lyft pulled out of  Houston as they were forced to start fingerprinting and background check their drivers.  Now they are returning as the state of Texas has introduced new laws banning this requirement.

Houston is not the only city that introduced such requirements but Texas is, as far as we know, the first state to ban the requirement. This is going to lead to a major shake-up of Houston’s transportation industry.  This is a topic being discussed at a transportation management consulting roundtable in August.

The transportation industry in Houston is unique because of the way it is focused on serving the Oil and Gas industry and this is why the roundtable is being organised by Houston management consulting Firm Ionji Consulting.

But this is an issue that other cities are going to face.  Major cities have already faced this of course as Uber in particular has fought their way into the transportation sector, first as Taxis and then courier-type work and lately trucking.

The question is if they will continue to disrupt new areas of transport.